Huge Clock

Huge Clock 2.3

Huge Clock is a screensaver that will show a huge digital clock on your screen

Huge Clock is a screensaver that will show a huge digital clock on your screen.
It will place an icon in your desktop, that will allow you to run it whenever you want, without waiting for the screen saver to become activated.

As in every screen saver, you can use Windows´ Screen Saver settings to set how much inactivity time will the computer wait before launching the program, and if you want to display the logon screen on resume. The "Settings" button will let you define the options for your screen saver. You can also access this screen by right-clicking on the desktop icon, and choosing the "Configure" entry. It is possible to define the content, font, font size, attributes and color for each one of the three lines that will be displayed on the screen. You can also change the background color, and decide whether the program will display the seconds or not. The "Preview" button ("Test" entry if you are using the desktop context menu) will let you view how will the screen saver look when activated.

The unregistered version of Huge Clock will run forever, with no limitations, but it will display a nag screen each time the screensaver becomes inactive.

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  • It is free
  • It displays the current time and date in big, easy to read characters


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